Asphalt shingles

One of the most reliable, flexible, and economical roofing system is the asphalt roof shingle. It’s also cost effective and affordable for repairs and maintenance. With availability in multiple colors and thickness, it can be installed to look like wood and stone. All types of shingles installation like timberline, Iko, and Camelot are available at QRS.

In modern asphalt shingles, fiberglass reinforcement is used to prevent tearing. There are three tabs and architectural styles for this type of roofing with individual advantages.

Tab roofing shingles:Tab roofing shingles:

  • Consistent shingle size
  • Less heavier than architectural shingles
  • Lower costs

  • Architectural roof shingles::

    • Available in various sizes and shapes to create a diverse and multiple dimensional outlook.
    • Shingles with thicker width are more durable
    • Adds value to property.

    • Asphalt shingles are an easy for roof experts to work with. Come to us and we’ll assist you with the types of shingles that best fit your home and your budget.

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