Metal Roofing

There are different types of metal roofing systems that can be installed on a building. Some are easy to install, replace, and maintain using the D-I-Y approach while others require expert professionals to handle the installation and repairs as it is more complicated.

Our technical crew consists of skilled and expert roof installers who are experienced in all types of metal roof systems using the best available materials for the job. This makes timely and guaranteed job completion possible for us every time.

Metal roof

At QRS roofing, we have the expertise and machinery to detect problems associated with metal roofs such as leaks and loose metal sheets. For every roof installation that we do, we make recommendations on repairs and replacement options for that job and what is best for the client.
For those without a roof design and desirous of metal roofs, we have professionals, like architects,
who will design a contemporary roof to your taste at an affordable rate.

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